New Year Celebration in Goa

Goa has long been one of the choicest tourist attractions for tourists intending to spend their New Year eve in a place close to sandy beaches. This tiny state, located close to the Arabian Sea, is the perfect idea of putting all your worries to rest for a while, and blend with the energetic atmosphere of the sandy beaches. Celebration is in air around the Christmas carnival, and to add up to the spicing is the Goa New Year Eve which collectively lighten up the moods of even the most somber faces.

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Speaking in short, Goa is at it’s sparkling best during the last few weeks of December and the first few weeks of coming January. If you want to have your new year celebration in Goa quietly, you can always find beach shacks offering you cheap yet quiet celebration in the traditional Goan flavor. Bonfires, beachside barbeque, Goan food, all of these allow you the calmest entry to a New Year In Goa that you would have ever imagined of celebrating. The amazing magnificent scenic beauty and charm of beaches will hold sweep you off your feet and you will realize that all the expenditure for New Year Celebration In Goa. The breathtakingly beautiful constructed churches are a pleasure to behold and the sheer holy atmosphere will induce a wave of serenity in your minds.

For those who believe in indulging in hard partying, night parties at the beaches are very popular and Carnival In Goa give the perfect sense of enjoyment of the traditional Goan cultured which has a huge bearing of the Portuguese inhabitation. Live performances by local as well as internationally acclaimed music bands, enthralling dance shows, coupled with the Goan folk music will completely drown you in the Goan style of New Year celebration. You would also like to enjoy the local Goan brew, famously known in Goa as Fenny. Wine is also available to relish your moods. The Goan exotic food will have a lingering taste in your mouths and will surely make you keep coming back for more and more. You are bound to get infected in the highly spirited Goan style of celebration. For, in Goa, spirits never seem to go down. So stop thinking, pack your bags, and have a great Goa New Year celebration.